TimeShot 6.0

TimeShot is an application designed to draw by painting with photos
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The concept is very basic in it: use pictures as paint.
Using a collection of photos, you will be able to draw by painting with those photos. Gradients will blend from one photo to another.
- Using timelapse photos to show a place during a time period in only one photo;
- Photos with different expositions so simulate a physic filter. Eg: Have both the sky and ground visible in a sunny day;
- Using a super slow motion video, making a photo of distorted bodies or objects moving on the scene;
- Taking photos with different focus and composite them so that you have several focused areas in only one photo;
- Composing a photo of someone jumping in swonboard and placing the person several times in the same picture.
A normal usage flow would be:
- Take pictures with steady camera
- Add collection of pictures
- Choose solid or gradient
- Choose picture stop colours
- Choose paint tool
- Draw!

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